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T. Mohd. Yoshandi, M.Sc

Graduated from the Master Programme of Radiation and Nuclear Safety, Faculty of Science and Technologies of University Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2015. He is the Diploma Programme...

Team Member

Shelly Angella, M.Tr.Kes

She was graduated from Politeknik Kementrian Kesehatan Semarang. She was awarded with the title of Applied Maste in Medical Imaging. She is expertise in MRI...

Team Member

Aulia Annisa, M.Tr.ID

She was recently graduated from the master of applied health in diagnostic imaging. She is took focus course in MRI and expertise in quality assurance...

Team Member

Danil Hulmansyah, M.Tr.ID

Postgraduate graduate of Semarang Ministry of Health Polytechnic with a specialization in MRI and currently a lecturer at D3 radiology engineering at Awal Bros University


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